The log you are sitting on, is bursting with stories. The woods surround you densely and heavily. Sweet, moist air, filled with the scent of “raps” flowers and pine needles, intoxicates you. The silence is everywhere – overpowering, but refuses to move.

The next moment you are devoured by the hustle and bustle at a cafe while sipping your “weiss Bier”. Cars; hooters; sirens; dogs; children running around; rowdy protesters; other inquisitive café cats like me enjoying the sun; passers by on their way to somewhere or nowhere – just as you start imagining that you are back in Cape Town, melancholic sounds of a violin penetrates the chaos. The wild, vivacious dance melts the core of your heart. It sings everything the people around you cannot manage to say.

painting by Varenka Paschke

Then, all of a sudden you are miles away, sitting on your roof under the generous African sun. As you climb down the ladder, approaching your front door, the jasmine delights your nose.

Or maybe you munch on mouth watering pancakes and thick, scrumptious soup at a happily crackling fire.
Or you drive to Hout Bay to buy fish where the sea gulls chat to you and the healing sea breeze welcomes you.

Thereafter, you wait in the car while the only too well-known, wonderful mayhem rages around you. You hear bursts of laughter and fury; out-pours of wit; all sorts of noises; brakes screeching; people greeting and embracing each other like long lost friends…! Aggression, hatred, warmth and affection take turns to let the air vibrate.

Finally you dose off while taking a scented, hot bath. Your mind opens. The music in your head is set free and a fountain of notes overflows your being.

A huge dash of Romanticism; Jazz; Blues; Balkan vibes and quite a few startling, surprises – in Cape Town, Hubenrode, Berlin or wherever…? … … Feel free to decide for yourself what you hear while Sigrun Paschke shares her compositions with you! Come and experience the glowing unit of fingers and the ivories!

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